Essick Woodworking School



It had always been our dream to have custom kitchen cabinetry.  In every house we had lived the kitchens had cheap, paper-thin cabinets.  The boats we have owned had better quality cabinets.  Which led us to Dugan Essick.  Dugan built the most beautiful sloop displaying exemplary craftsmanship.  We knew Dugan was the man for our kitchen remodel.  Dugan’s work ethic cannot be beat.  He always arrived on time, worked efficiently, and cleaned up thoroughly at the end of each day.  Besides, Dugan and his wife, Janet, are just great people.  Every evening while sitting in our living room we can appreciate Dugan’s work of art.  Everyone that enters our living room/kitchen are extremely complimentary and always ask who did the job.

David and Lisa Goodner