Essick Woodworking School



When we built our house, the name that kept surfacing for quality woodwork was Dugan Essick. And there’s a reason; the craftsmanship in his work seems to stem from a real passion he has not only for working with his hands in this medium, but for his capability in working with clients, always striving to produce the finest work tailored to the individual. He did many pieces in our home – the mahogany front door, the fireplace mantle, for example – pieces that we wanted to have an extra dimension of detail that comes only with hands-on crafting, from selecting the wood and collaborating on the design to watching his creations come to life with care and pride of workmanship. Those are the real characteristics that go into quality work, and that’s exactly what you get with Dugan. His are the pieces we talk about when showing our home; they are the creations of a true artisan.

Larry and Lori Mohr