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5-Day Class
5-day class is for beginner to advanced students with the option of selecting one of our designs or one of there own choosing. Classes are usually limited to two student so there is plenty of one on one instruction. Students in these classes are also eligible to stay in one of our guest rooms for no additional charge. Most projects are completed except for finish in five days but if addition time is needed, Saturday may be added for $400.

$1225 for 5 days
deposit $250

Sawdust 101
In this class we start at zero. Our goal is to offer beginners a safe and fun introduction to woodworking. Safe use of most of the common hand and power tools will be thoroughly covered. Safety is a high priority and we will make sure everyone learns good habits when using power tools. Students will choose two of the three projects we offer and leave Sunday with two completed projects new skills and added confidence.

All material included
deposit $237

Sculptured Stool
In this weekend class you will learn techniques and methods used to freehand shape and sculpt wood. All materials provided to make one sculptured stool. Lots of fun and leave with a very nice stool of your own making.

All materials included
deposit $265

Private Class
Private classes are tailored to the specific needs of the student, and we will work side by side with you from conception, design and build. Typically in these classes we work with the student on a personal project they don't feel ready to take on solo.  
$2500 for 5 days
deposit $500

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5-Day class

Single days by arrangement



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