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"What a treat it was to learn from a master! My father and I took a two-day wood working class with Dugan, I made a cutting board and stool. I was 6 months pregnant at the time and made the stool for my daughter (who is now 3) and she uses it daily! The cutting board is still in excellent condition as well and gets used constantly. Regardless of if we use the product we made or not, we had a blast. Dugan is patient, smart and provides a safe and comfortable environment. I can't wait until I have time to take the class again. "


-- Mckenzie

"As a more experienced woodworker,I was impressed by Dugan's depth of knowledge, as well as his mastery of so many techniques and approaches for completing projects while working efficiently. I learned a lot in the week at his studio. I brought a drawing of a hay rake table with a single cherry board top that he helped me turn into an heirloom."


--  Dennis

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"I cannot say enough about Dugan's school, it is more than a class it is an immersion into woodworking. Not only can you learn about woodworking, but his school is located in the heart of the historic gold country of California which you can explore when you're not learning how to create cool projects. It is difficult to describe what DuganEssick has created in his class, the best analogy I can think of is a sub diving cruise if you have ever been on one. You eat, sleep and scuba dive. It is an immersion into the sport. That is what Dugan has created in his workshop. You are surrounded by his creative examples and projects that are sure to inspire and motivate and if you are coming from out of town, there are guest rooms to to at just off the shop. An as my analogy of a dive boat, Dugan has a parlor area upstairs where you can immerse yourself in creative woodworking literature as well as an extensive library of woodworking videos. I could go on and on but you get the point. One last thing, Dugan's philosophy is that you should walk out of the class with a completed project that I am sure you will be around of. From what I have heard this is not always the case at other schools. In my opinion I am not trying to over sell the Essick Woodworking School, it is just that good. Thanks for upping my game." 


-- Victor

"I just finished Essick Woodworking School's 5 day class. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone at any woodworking skill level. Dugan's school is in a beautiful setting with an incredible class space. The shop is huge with every imaginable tool and some you might never have imagined. Dugan's teaching style is helpful and he has clear communication. There's great attention to detail, but the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Each class is limited to a small number of students so that there is plenty of one on one attention and instruction is individualized to each student's skill level. Students leave with a quality finished project that they can be proud of." 


-- Kathy

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"I just finished a class with Dugan, a master craftsman, designer, artist and a very nice guy. What an experience! Dugan has a first class wood working school filled with the best tool of every kind. My project was complicated and I was guided patiently thru the process. I'm an experienced wood worker with my own shop and I learned many advanced techniques here. I ended up with an heirloom to be treasured, thanks to Dugan. No matter how talented you think you are, you will learn a lot. the cost of the school is very reasonable compared to what you will get from it, a beautiful piece, better technique and much knowledge. I highly recommend a class with Dugan, 5 stars!" 


-- Don

"I had a great opportunity to attend one of Dugan’s week long woodworking classes and it was a really wonderful experience. As a beginner woodworker I was a bit apprehensive about attempting to build a chair, but with Dugan’s instruction I was able to complete the project. Dugan is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced woodworker, remarkably patient, a very competent instructor, and walks you through every step of the building process. With only two students per class you get an enormous amount of individual attention and help. The workshop is every woodworker’s dream with lots of space plus the use of all of his tools. Not only did I successfully complete my project, I also learned a great deal, and had a fun time throughout the week long class. My brother received the chair (guitar stool) as a gift and I know he will cherish it forever. Many thanks to Dugan for showing me that anyone can learn to build something functional, elegant, and beautiful!"


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"I enrolled in a my first one week long woodworking class to learn turning techniques on a lathe. I turned spindles, bowls, art objects and even a rolling pin made of maple and walnut. I attended my second week long class with my son where I made a beautiful Morris chair and my son created a large hardwood plank table with matching benches. Dugan is an excellent instructor willing to impart his knowledge and secrets gained from a lifetime as a professional woodworker and acclaimed furniture maker. His shop is state of the art and fully equipped with the best woodworking tools to be found. I look forward to taking another class in the future."


I had an amazing time in the shop, I took two classes here, one in March 23 and another in July 23, and I still can't believe how much I learned. As a beginner, Dugan was a wonderful and patient instructor. He started me off with the basics and gradually helped me become comfortable with all the power tools in his impressive shop. By the end of the second class I was able to build a cabinet, complete with sliders, hinges, and we even wired a mounted power outlet. He has a list of projects I could pick, ranging from beginner to expert and beyond, so I feel like there’s no limit to what I can do next in his shop. Which, talking of it, is a woodworker's dream come true, fully equipped with everything you could possibly want. I never had to wait to use a tool, everything is in perfect order and high quality. What made the classes even better was that he kept them small, ensuring he could provide individual guidance at every stage of our projects. I've picked up so many useful tips that I now use around my house regularly. Aside from the learning, the group of people in the classes was fantastic. We had a lot of fun together, and the atmosphere was always light- hearted and enjoyable. Plus, Dugan’s famous apple pie was the cherry on top.

Traveling from Bay Area to Grass Valley for the classes felt like a mini getaway. Not only did I get to improve my woodworking skills, but the area has so much to offer! There are some great food options, and if you visit during the Summer Festival, be prepared for some dancing fun! I can't emphasize enough how rewarding this entire experience was. Dugan’s woodworking shop is a hidden gem, and I can't wait to return for more learning and fun. It's an absolute must- try for anyone interested in woodworking or seeking a fantastic time in a welcoming community.


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Dugan (and his furry friends Willie and Annie) are the best! Spent a week at his brilliantly laid out/built shop, building a rocking chair out of black walnut. Dugan is not only an extremely talented woodworker, teacher and designer, he also is just a wonderful person to be around. He is smart, and very knowledgeable about both woodworking AND HOW TO TEACH woodworking, which is a skill unto itself. He is able to adjust to each student's desired level of detail and skill and make the process fun no matter how exact you want to be. Willie and Annie, his two adorable pups add to the experience. He lives so close to town and lets you stay at the shop for the week. It's so convenient and I can't recommend his week-long workshop more. Good luck getting a spot though! He's popular for a reason.


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