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Essick Woodworking School - 2024 Schedule

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hey, everyone! It's been a great year in the shop, and I've finally gotten around to figuring out the schedule for next year's woodworking classes. As always, the classes are very much a reflection of the students who sign up---whether you're interested in learning the basics of woodworking (Sawdust 101) or looking to refine your woodworking skills (with a 5 day project class), there's something for everyone.


Five Day Project Classes

Feb. 5-9

Mar. 4-8

Apr. 8-12

May 6-10

July 22-26

Aug. 19-23

Sep. 9-13

Oct. 28-11-1

Nov. 11-15

Dec. 9-13

Sawdust 101 (Introductory Class)

Feb. 24-25

Mar. 16-17

Apr. 27-28

May 18-19

Need more details about our classes and the types of projects you can make? Visit our class page here.

I also offer private classes by arrangement.

Look forward to seeing you all in the shop soon!


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