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Help! My favorite blade is stuck in the Saw Stop cartridge!

How do you save your table saw blade now that it's embedded in the Saw Stop cartridge?

This post contains affiliate links which benefit the school, but I never recommend anything that I don't use and love here at the shop.

I've been a user and fan of Saw Stop table saws for the past fourteen years, and they've come in handy. The shop Saw Stop table saw has been well-tested, and while I'm grateful for that extra level of safety, no one wants to spend the money to replace a good table saw blade if they don't need to. The cartridges are expensive, too, so add in the cost of a good blade and one small mistake on the saw could end up costing you upwards of $250.

It's not always a finger that sets it off, either (perhaps an improperly set miter gauge? Just sayin').

This method takes only a few minutes:

Here's how to save your blade from the Saw Stop cartridge:

  1. Clamp the table saw blade to the top of a sturdy work surface.

  2. Using a hand-held angle grinder with rough grit (I go with a 24 grit grinding disk on my Ryobi angle grinder) (and some eye protection, of course) carefully grind away the top part of the aluminum cartridge.

  3. And that's it! Once you've ground down enough of the cartridge, your blade will come loose and will be ready to use again.

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